Energy Management Standard

The purpose of this international standard is to provide organizations with the necessary systems and processes to improve their energy performance, including energy efficiency and energy use and consumption.

The implementation of this standard is intended to lead to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as energy costs in businesses.

This standard is applicable to organizations of all types and sizes, regardless of the type of energy used.

The global application of this international standard contributes to a more efficient use of available energy sources, improving competitiveness, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other related environmental impacts.

The main potential benefits for an organization to implement an Energy Management System based on ISO 50001:2018 are:

  • Improvement in the company’s image with customers, suppliers, and stakeholders, with the certification of a prestigious international standard.
  • Reducing energy consumption through measurement, evaluation, monitoring of indicators, and setting objectives.
  • Improved communication about energy efficiency management and the efforts made by your organization to reduce the climate impact of its activities.
  • Reducing environmental impact, including greenhouse gas emissions, while increasing profitability.
  • Encouraging good energy management practices in your organization.

Certhia is an independent entity, accredited by the International Accreditation Service (USA), that can evaluate your organization’s Energy Management System through expert auditors in your sector or activity and issue an internationally accredited certificate.

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