We validate your steps

At Certhia we design our courses based on the needs of our clients, offering a wide range of programs and courses that help companies and workers to be more competitive and improve productivity in organizations.

Our areas of training:

Management Systems Standards:
Standards Updates
Implementation of standards
Internal and external auditors
Food industry management
Sustainable tourism management

energy efficiency management
Management tools
Information technology
Other specific areas

Open training courses

Certhia carries out courses on a regular basis, through the study of the detected needs, or courses of general interest, such as updating regulations, or applying new legal requirements.

Closed training courses

At Certhia we know that no two companies are the same, so we will help you design your training plans, training your employees through flexible, personalized, innovative and agile solutions that fit your needs.

Programs for companies

Certhia offers its collaboration to all types of organizations, for the Comprehensive Management of their Training Plans, offering all our support and knowledge for the detection of the training needs of your company, which allow an optimization of your resources and an improvement of the training of their work teams.