Our company

Our company, Certhia, is composed of a team of professionals with extensive experience in the certification field. Our focus is on continuous improvement and innovation of auditing processes to minimize non-value added activities, thus ensuring the efficiency and control of our operations. This allows us to provide innovative, agile, and transparent services, adding value to our clients.


We believe that our clients are our reason for being, which is why customer focus is present throughout Certhia’s value chain. This belief is integrated into every process of our company, contributing to our ethical and sustainable development and expansion.


Currently, we offer services in Chile and Peru, and have commercial offices in Spain and Argentina. In addition, we have collaboration agreements that allow us to provide services throughout the rest of Latin America. At Certhia, we are committed to providing exceptional service and helping our clients achieve their goals.


Our mission is to revolutionize the certification industry by empowering organizations to enhance their competitiveness and grow in a sustainable and ethical manner.


Our goal is to be recognized as a highly reputable company that ensures long-term business profitability, with a team of people proud to be part of our organization and committed to our clients’ needs.



Our approach to customer service, using Key Account Managers, brings us closer to our clients and industry consultants, allowing us to provide fast and efficient training and response times.


Ethics, transparency, and honesty are deeply ingrained in our DNA, and in the people who make up our organization. We do not tolerate or allow shortcuts.


We understand that our clients have worked hard to achieve their certifications. That’s why, once they are ready to receive their certificate, we make it our top priority to deliver it accurately and quickly. We prioritize agility in our work to ensure that our clients don’t have to wait unnecessarily.

Positive attitude

We believe that maintaining a positive attitude towards the challenges of our business and the needs of our staff and clients is essential to bring out the best in ourselves.


We are committed to both the mind and the heart in our work. Our hearts beat stronger when a customer achieves a certification for which they worked with dedication and professionalism.