Supplier Evaluation

This service allows an Organization to be assured that its provider has the capabilities, processes, specific requirements and resources necessary to provide the services or products it needs.

To this end, Certhia offers its experience to companies to design, implement and execute evaluations and approvals, either by adapting international standards or “ad hoc” systems.

Certhia’s supplier evaluation and approval systems are tailored to each client through the development of their own programs. Certhia will take care of giving clients the security that their entire value chain meets the requirements, quality level, legal, financial, environmental, ethical and social responsibility aspects, related to management systems or food safety, helping them in turn to select the appropriate suppliers, monitoring their performance and their adaptation to current regulations.

Development of supplier evaluation and approval systems

The high technological component of the service provided by Certhia, allows knowing the result of each evaluation at the moment, with the client having remote and immediate access to the results of each one of the completely customized evaluations and the reports that are generated. linking all the results.

The potential benefits for an organization conducting a supplier assessment are:

  • Aporte de información objetiva y medible a la hora de tomar decisiones sobre la calificación de Proveedores y la decisión de compra y de una manera ágil y adecuada a sus requerimientos y necesidades.
  • Manage risk, protect your brand and optimize costs.
  • Improve trust and mutual knowledge with your Suppliers.
  • Ensure that your suppliers comply with all legal requirements.
evaluación proveedores certhia

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